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Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Unveil a new dimension of radiance with our Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring, a breathtaking masterpiece that redefines sophistication and power. This exquisite ring features three solitaire diamonds arranged in a mesmerizing diagonal line, creating a harmonious dance of brilliance that captures the essence of your unique journey.

At the heart of this captivating design, three resplendent solitaire diamonds stand side by side, each representing a cherished moment in time. Their undeniable allure and individuality come together in perfect harmony, symbolizing the unity of your past, present, and future.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring showcases a sleek and contemporary setting that allows each diamond to shine with unparalleled brilliance. The smooth band offers comfort, ensuring that this piece becomes an extension of you, a radiant expression of your style and grace.

Whether it's a celebration of milestones achieved or a testament to the endless possibilities that lie ahead, the Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring is a reflection of your unwavering strength and timeless elegance. Embrace the trinity of diamonds and let their brilliance illuminate your path, one moment at a time.

Elevate your elegance with the Tridevi - Diagonal Lab Grown Diamond Ring, and embark on a journey where the past, present, and future converge in a dazzling symphony of brilliance. As you wear this exquisite ring, remember that each solitaire is a radiant chapter in the story of you.

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Gold Details

Weight: 2.496gm
Purity: 14k

Diamond Details

Diamonds: 0.32ct (3pcs)
Clarity: VVS-VS
Color: F-G

Custom Options Available

Gold Purity: 14k / 18k
Gold Colour: Yellow Gold / White Gold/ Rose Gold
Diamond: Diamonds can be increased in size or colour or clarity

Ring can be customised to fit your size

Please note that customisations may affect the price.

In Stock: 14k Yellow Gold; Ring Size: 13

All details provided are for in-stock pieces. For any customization please book an appointment with our expert.

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