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Bhumi Lab Grown Diamond Pendant (no chain)

Bhumi Lab Grown Diamond Pendant (no chain)

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Gold Details

Weight: 1.650gm
Purity: 14k

Diamond Details

Small Diamonds: 0.27ct (23pcs)
Centre Diamond: 0.24ct (1pc)
Clarity: VVS-VS
Colour: F-G

Custom Options Available

Gold Purity: 14k or 18k
Gold Color: White Gold/ Yellow Gold/ Rose Gold

In Stock: 14k Yellow Gold

All details provided are for in-stock pieces. For any customization please book an appointment with our expert.

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About the Product

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of our "Bhumi" Lab Grown Diamond Pendant, a masterpiece inspired by the Earth's core put in existence using technology. This pendant takes the shape of two circles, half adorned with radiant lab-grown diamonds and the other in lustrous gold, symbolizing the intricate harmony of nature & technology.

At the heart of this celestial design, a single lab-grown diamond graces the center, representing the Earth's core, the source of its brilliance and vitality. This central diamond captures and reflects light like the Earth's molten core, illuminating the pendant with a fiery glow.

The "Bhumi" Diamond Pendant embodies the perfect union of nature and technology. The contrast between the lab-grown diamonds and the gold circle creates a striking visual harmony, mirroring the delicate equilibrium found in our planet's core.

Meticulously handcrafted, this pendant is a testament to both artistry and elegance. It hangs gracefully from a delicate chain, allowing you to wear this symbol of nature's beauty close to your heart.

Whether you're celebrating the wonderful combination of nature & technology or seeking to express your unique style, the "Bhumi" Lab Grown Diamond Pendant is a versatile piece that resonates with timeless beauty and natural grace. Let it be a reflection of your appreciation for the planet's precious balance.

Embrace the enchantment of the "Bhumi" Lab Grown Diamond Pendant, and let its intricate design capture the essence of our planet's brilliance and vitality. Wear it with pride and watch as it becomes a radiant symbol of your connection to the Earth's core.

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