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Disha - Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Disha - Lab Grown Diamond Ring

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In Stock: 14 Rose Gold; Ring Size: IND 13

Gold Details

Gold Purity: 14k
Gold Weight: 2.063gm

Diamond Details

Diamond Weight: 0.230ct (18pcs)
Diamond Quality: VVS-VS & G-F

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About the Product

Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with our "Disha" Diamond Triangle Ring, a stunning design to illuminate your path with a mesmerizing triangle motif adorned in small, shimmering diamonds. Each facet of these exquisite rings symbolizes a unique direction in life, guiding you towards an unparalleled brilliance.

Crafted with meticulous precision, the "Disha" Diamond Triangle Ring feature a captivating triangle design, an emblem of balance and strength. The triangles are adorned with delicate diamonds, reflecting the radiant light of your journey and enhancing your natural grace.

As you wear the "Disha" Diamond Triangle Ring, feel the guiding touch of each diamond, igniting your spirit with its subtle sparkle. Whether you're seeking adventure, embracing change, or relishing moments of stillness, these rings are a reminder that every direction holds its own exquisite beauty.

The "Disha" Diamond Triangle Ring are more than just jewelry; they are companions in your odyssey through life. Their elegant design and thoughtful craftsmanship ensure a comfortable fit and enduring style, becoming a treasured piece that resonates with your aspirations.

Embrace the brilliance of the "Disha" Diamond Triangle Ring and let their symbolism inspire you to embrace every facet of your journey. Illuminate your path with elegance and grace, and let the diamonds whisper tales of guidance and radiance as you make your way through life's intricate maze.

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