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Chandni Diamond Earrings

Chandni Diamond Earrings

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Gold Details

18k Gold
Approx: 1.924 gms

Diamond Details

Centre Diamonds: 0.840ct (0.42ct * 2pcs)
Small Diamonds: 0.19ct (16pcs)

Custom Option Available

Gold Purity: 14k or 18k
Gold Color: White Gold/ Yellow Gold/ Rose Gold
Diamond Size: Can be increased or decreased to suit your style.

Please Book an Appointment with us for custom options

In Stock: 18k Rose Gold

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Product description

Experience the celestial beauty of our "Chandni" Diamond Earrings, a captivating duo that captures the essence of elegance and enchantment. These exquisite earrings feature a stunning solitaire diamond paired with a delicate;crescent studded with dazzling diamonds, forming a celestial dance of brilliance.

At the heart of each earring, a magnificent solitaire diamond shines with breathtaking radiance, symbolizing the unique and eternal love that fills your life. Like a brilliant star, it glimmers and sparkles, drawing admiration from all who behold its beauty.

Gracefully adorning the solitaire, a celestial;crescent gently embraces the center diamond. Encrusted with shimmering diamonds, this crescent adds a touch of celestial charm to the earrings, symbolizing the magical moments in life that light up your world.

Handcrafted with the utmost precision and artistry, the "Chandni" Diamond Earrings exude sophistication and grace. The intricate detailing and delicate settings ensure that every diamond shines with brilliance, reflecting the joy and love you hold dear.

Whether it's a special occasion or an everyday celebration of life's beauty, the "Chandni" Diamond Earrings are the perfect choice. Embrace the enchanting fusion of solitaire and half-moon, and let these earrings be a reflection of the captivating radiance that resides within you.

With these earrings, you carry the brilliance of the cosmos, forever inspiring awe and wonder wherever you go.

All details provided are for in-stock pieces only. Custom options might vary in price. Reach out to our team for more details.

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