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Ashtmi - Lab Grown Diamond Earring

Ashtmi - Lab Grown Diamond Earring

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In Stock: 14k Rose Gold

Gold Details

Weight: 1.894gm
Purity: 14k

Diamond Details

Small Diamond: 0.18ct (32 pcs)

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About the Product

Experience the captivating beauty of our "Ashtmi";Diamond Circle Earrings, a mesmerizing pair that seamlessly blends the allure of a full circle of diamonds with the enchanting illusion of a half moon. These earrings feature a circle adorned with brilliant diamonds, enhanced by delicate gold bars that create an illusion of a radiant half moon suspended in the sky.

The central circle of the "Ashtmi" Diamond Circle Earrings dazzles with a mesmerizing display of shimmering diamonds, capturing light from every angle. Its brilliance illuminates your presence, making a statement that echoes the radiance within.

The delicate gold bars gracefully positioned within the circle create a captivating illusion of a half moon. This artful design adds a touch of whimsy and intrigue to the earrings, elevating them beyond traditional styles and infusing them with a touch of celestial elegance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the "Ashtmi" Diamond Circle Earrings exemplify both the beauty of diamonds and the artistry of design. Their lightweight construction ensures comfortable wear, allowing you to showcase their unique charm from morning to night.

Whether you're seeking to captivate at an event or add an element of intrigue to your everyday look, the "Ashtmi" Diamond Circle Earrings are the embodiment of elegance and imagination. Let them be a reflection of your individuality and a radiant expression of your inner light.

Embrace the captivating blend of brilliance and illusion with the "Ashtmi" Diamond Circle Earrings, and let their celestial charm elevate your style to new heights. Wear them confidently and watch as their enchanting design becomes a testament to your grace and charm, casting a luminous glow wherever you go.

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